When I started working on original art, I didn't know if it was ever going to go anywhere. Then I made my first sale and I was overjoyed, someone liked my art enough to buy it! So I kept painting and adding work to my shop. All that time I had no idea my hobby was becoming a career and business of it’s own! 

 Painting is my way of sharing pieces of my heart. Whether I'm painting a landscape based off one of the places I've been, or something I find to be breathtaking, My hope is that my art connects people to a memory or is something that brings joy!
The State Series
In January 2019 I began this long and adventure-filled journey. This series took 3 and a half months of full-time painting to create. It's inspired by my love of maps and travel since I was young. Researching and painting the states was almost like getting to travel to each one. Which is now my goal, to see each place in each state that I painted! 
 For more about the series and each state's inspiration head over to my blog!

2023 has brought out a new state series as I now journey through painting the US National Parks.

Well first and foremost in my life is my relationship with Jesus Christ. I draw my strength in knowing He gave me the gifts I have. My relationship with God has helped me through tough times and grown me in things I couldn’t have done on my own.

I'm a photographer on the side now that watercolor has become my main job.
Capturing memories with a camera is part of what brought my love for what art can do for a person about. I’m pretty much 100% more comfortable with being behind the camera than in front of it. With that said I’ve come a long with from being so shy. My old coffee shop job pushed me to become better with people. I’ve learned a lot about what makes up great customer service, all from serving coffee! Speaking of coffee... I love it! Coffee shops are my go-to place to meet people. I have a deep love for music! I play bass guitar because it’s the instrument I feel in my heart, literally.
I call myself an adventure-loving homebody. I love being home, I’m blessed to work from home thanks to everyone that supports my art and photography. A quiet rainy day in with a good book or puzzle is always a good one. But I also have a desire to adventure and travel! I’m basically a Hobbit! And speaking of, I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fan, book and movies!
I get a lot of my inspiration from being out in nature and hiking. Traveling to places I've never been to. But I also love old favorite spots and the familiarity and memories that come walking down a path you've walked many times before while seeing growth and season change.