Guide You Home "Looking For Some Light" Collection

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"Looking for some Light" Collection. Each piece is inspired by a song and has a story meant to spark some light or hope in a world that is desperately looking for them. 


Guide You Home was the first painting in the series completed on 3/25/20 and is probably still the most special piece in this series to me. A lighthouse has always been a beautiful symbol of hope and coming home. The idea came with the start of this series and 2 days into painting this piece I found myself in this storm. I had to say goodbye to my sweet cat Gracie after almost 18 years together. It was one of the hardest things I've been through. When I did finally get back to this painting, I found in very therapeutic to poor my heart out in those stormy waves. At the same time as all this, the whole world was experiencing the start of the covid lockdown and the strange feelings of so much unknown. I added in the ship last minute, it felt right to show not only something in the storm, but that it could see the light know it was coming home.

I think the storms of life are different for everyone and they come in seasons. My hope is that this painting speaks to you and reminds you storms don't last forever. And that is you're in the middle of one you can always search for the lighthouse to guide you home.

-My song inspiration for this piece is “Guide you Home” by Remedy Drive

"If you're a ship and you're lost in the ocean, I'll be the wind in your sails give you motion, I will guide you home.

If you're too far out that you can't see the shoreline, I'll be the light house shining in the night time, I will guide you home.”


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