2020 Update and Limited Edition Prints

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In 2019 I started working on making my art my full time job! I created my 50 states series and showed my work at my first art shows!

Stepping into 2020 I knew I wanted to continue growing my full time business. halfway in and some of the big steps are:

-I opened up shop for wholesale orders! If you're a shop wanting to sell my work send me an email! emilietaylorart@gmail.com or head over to my contact page and fill out a submission form.

-I started selling originals

-I started selling limited edition prints

I'm excited about the limited editions because they bring in a new factor to my work. All my work before has been open editions meaning I can sell each printed unlimited. But with limited editions each size has an edition run for example 250 or just 50. This creates a way for my art to still be affordable in comparison to an original, but gives it a more rare appeal for collectors! 

I will continue to sell both open and limited editions.

I'm also excited about my latest collections, during my time painting these past few months I've created 3 new collections.

"Solace and Serenity" these painting are focused on places that bring peace, places you might go to let go of problems and just breathe. 

"Ships and Seas" this collection is still growing, but as a lover of the ocean and big ships its been fun to bring these to life

"Looking for Some Light" This Collection was born from wanting to create a set of pieces that represented Light and Hope in a world that so desperately looks for those things. Each painting was inspired by a song and each tells their own story. I will have a blog series dedicated to each painting and their stories.


As Covid has massively rearranged art show season, I will be back with another update when I know more about a list of shows I'll be at.










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