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"This is home" is the 5th painting in my "Looking for some Light" Collection. Each piece is inspired by a song and has a story meant to spark some light or hope in a world that is desperately looking for them.  (Full Story at the bottom)

This is a listing for my original painting "This is Home" the painting it's self is size 13x 19 and it's matted to size 18x24 ready for a 18x24 frame.



This painting is an original, painting on Arches hot press paper. This painting has slight buckling but should not be noticed once framed.
As stated above the final artwork with the mat is size 18x24, the open in the mat and painting is 12.5x18.5
The painting is signed in ink. The Mat is signed, plus has the date the painting for finished and the name.
You will also receive a printed card of authenticity stating this is the one original.
Limited edition prints of this painting will be made in size 11x14, 13x19 and size 18x24.

The purchase of this original artwork does not entitle the buyer to reproduce it in any way.
Ownership and Copyright of the artwork remain with the artist (Emilie Taylor), all rights reserved.

Due to the Mat this painting will ship flat and boxed. Customer will be responsible for shipping cost. But the painting will come with tracking and insurance.

“This is Home”

You might recognize this beach from the 2nd Narnia movie when the Pevensie children go back to Narnia. For this painting I wanted  something along the lines of coming out of a dark cave into beauty and light. I’ve always loved how they enter Narnia cinematically, so it’s not surprising that this cave and beach were in my mind for this painting.

Naming it “This in Home” comes from a Switchfoot song they wrote for that movie.  Jon said this about it and I feel like it’s the heart behind this one.

“I am always taken by [C. S.] Lewis' ability to write about the bittersweet beauty in this world; this home we aren’t really made for but is the place we work out our humanity in the midst of our longing for our true home."

Song "This is Home" by Switchfoot

I've got my memories Always inside of me

But I can't go back Back to how it was

I believe you now I've come too far

No I can't go back Back to how it was

Created for a place I've never known

This is home

Now I'm finally back to where I belong

Where I Belong

Yeah, this is home

I've been searching for a place of my own

Now I've found it

Maybe this is home

This is home


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