"Hope is a Seed you have to Sow" Looking for some Light Collection

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Hope is a Seed you have to Sow is the 3rd painting in the Looking for some Light Collection finished on 4-11-20

This painting means a lot of different things to me personally. The desert as a dry, hot, barren land it’s usually a symbol of trials. And this cracked dry land is many things to me, wounds that may never fully heal, seasons of hardship. Maybe more then anything is a place you may find yourself after a storm. Wandering aimlessly it’s a place you could get lost in. But the flower growing against all odds reaching is roots ever thirsty for water, that is hope.

I finished this piece right before Easter and it once again felt so fitting to my own life. Thinking about Easter and that morning before Jesus rose again, the world was in a desert just hoping Jesus was who He said was. It was on the cusp of being forever changed. And because of that day, I have seeds of hope to sow into my own life and others. Flowers that will grow out of old wounds, life that can spring forth, even in the desert.

I was so inspired looking up desert flowers for this painting, this flower is the “Desert Five Spot” and like other desert flowers they store up their water and wait patiently for the next rain. I think that is really what hope is about.


My Song inspiration for this piece is “Hope is the Anthem” by Switchfoot


Hope's a seed you have to sow

When you let it go it comes to life

So you stretch your arrows on the bow

And you pull them back and watch them fly


My heartbeat, my oxygen

My banner, my home

My future, my song

Your hope is the anthem of my soul


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