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“Follow Me Down” Is the 6th and last painting in the series (For now) This painting was finished on 5-20-20 a whole month after the 5th painting.

This painting probably took the most time to shape in my head. It also took some help! Which is actually very fitting for the piece. 

The idea behind this painting is the light and hope one person can bring by being a friend and loving someone through a dark or difficult time. Though no one in this life can love you perfectly the way God does. We were created to need companionship not meant to go it alone. 

The very first of this took shape in my head as just the people, Someone offering an umbrella to a friend that’s in a hard place. But I don’t draw people and I had no idea if they could even convey the emotions I wanted. So enlisted a partner. My sister Elizabeth was kind enough to lend her help even when I was a bit picky! It was cool to watch my project take its first shape in her hands and become a piece of her heart too.

The song inspiration is "Follow Me Down" by Colony House


What's the point if I keep losing control?

I'm as dark as night can get

Come and find me if I'm laying low

Don't let me go

You've got to catch me before I break


Follow me down, follow me down

Don't let me, don't let me, don't let me drown

Follow me down, follow me down

Don't let me, don't let me go it alone now

'Cause I know that I need your help

I can't do this all myself

(follow me down)


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