"AntiConformity" Looking For Some Light Collection

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Anticonformity is the 4th in my Looking For Some Light Collection.

Finished on 4-17-20

I feel like this painting might speak things to people differently and I love that about it. My heart behind this one was that all to often we spend our time trying so hard to fit in, to be liked. We conform to fit in a certain social standing. Or we’re measuring our success with people that always make you feel like you’re falling short. Social media has a way of painting perfect lives that none of us really have. And I think we forget the value of standing out and going against the grain. 

In a world of White Daisies it’s okay to be a Black Eyed Susan.


This painting gets its name from a song I jammed too in my preteen years “Anticonformity by Krystal Meyers


They conform, un-individuality

And they conform, forget about variety

Yeah, they conform, they don't know what they believe


So I'm anticonformity

I don't try too hard to be

I'm not what you think you see

Inside, I've made a change

And I'll never be the same, no way


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